Data Aggregation & Security for Emerging Markets

Providing security to data generated and stored on cross-platforms in emerging markets;Cloud, iot devices, computers, mobile phones & Networks.

SgOS version 1.0

Data Security for Any Size Business

Security is paramount to productivity.
Whether you’re building a new product and want best-in-class security from the start or are an established company looking to eliminate compliance as a roadblock to new business.

You want to erradicate security vulnerabilities in your Business or System or Product, GDM can help.


No Data Liability

GDM takes on the liability of securing your data, eliminating the risk of data breaches and reducing compliance overhead.

For companies that prefer to vault their own data, GDM layers on protection to the systems, preventing unauthorized access and leakage.

GDM enables secure, seamless, and rapid connection to 3rd party applications while allowing you to retain ownership of your data. Easily route to multiple payment gateways, data providers, or other endpoints.


Data Aggregation and Security for iot & Mobile

SafeGridOS(SgOS) is a security and privacy focused operating system for things beyond mobile phones, tablets and computers; the OS for internet of things. SgOS is focused on increasing internet penetration and protecting rich cultures in Emerging markets. We believe by making things like agricultural machineries, wrist watches, meters, sensors, Tvs come alive, internet penetration rate will sky rocket! This is what keeps us awake at night!

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GDM Mobile Service Suite

We develop our productivity tools with the aim of serving emerging markets with obvious infrastructure shortage like poor internet and security infrastructure,.

Our mobile services cuts across mobile data optimizer to low data browser, robust file protector
Mail servers, search engine, instant messaging, word pad, ai calendar.

We have deployed Grid Data Manager|Data Control since October 2016 and we have thousands of users!
Grid Data Manager|Data Control on Playstore.

Get ready for Grid Knox!

tailored to emerging markets with poor internet and vunerable networks,
our aim is to increase internet penetration & provide a robust security to cultures.
Join us and breathe new life in your device, be it old or new.

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